Our school fulfills all the requirements for internationally-recognized schools. Studies for accreditation as an Alexander technique teacher lasts 3 years and requires at least 1600 hours of training. It is possible to join the course at any time during the year. Training takes place five days a week (Sunday to Thursday), three hours each morning (8:30-11:30). During the last year of training, students participate in a stage - 25 lessons they teach under the supervision of school staff to five students with no previous experience in the Alexander technique. A final thesis has to be submitted. Accreditation will be given only to students who fulfilled all the requirements and who achieved the abilities and understanding required from accredited teachers as judged by the school staff. During the course, the students also learn anatomy, physiology and pathology.


Students have to register as candidates to the israeli Alexander technique organization and pay a one-time fee equivalent to a yearly membership fee (300 NIS as of today).