Shmuel Nelken in memoriam

Born in 1930. Started to practice the technique because of difficulties in his cello playing. Studied in the school of Patrick McDonalds in London. Since 1961 teaches the technique in Israel. Shmuel passed away on 2 January 2015.


Ora Neken

Born in 1933. A pianist who started to practice the technique because of difficulties in piano playing. A teacher of the Alexander technique since 1984.







Gal Ben-Or

Born 1963, Graduated in 1988 from the Jerusalem School for the Alexander Technique, under the direction of Shmuel Nelken.
Developed a unique method for working with children, youth and parents in accordance with the principles of the Alexander Technique.

Director of the training course for teachers of the Alexander Technique in Jerusalem






Shumi (Yosef) Mohar

Born in 1940. Finished the Jerusalem Alexander technique training course in 1979. Member of the school staff since 1982.













Yael Tam

Born in 1945. Studied in London with Patrick McDonalds, finishing her studies in 1974. Member of the school staff for over 20 years.