How do we learn the Alexander technique?

Lessons are given individually. The lessons last generally 30 minutes. The teacher guides the student with his hands, pausing to bring up awareness to harmful habits and offering healthier alternatives. The aim of the lessons is to provide the students with experiences and knowledge, to reeducate the body/mind entity, eventually making it possible for the students to use their bodies with ease and on their own.


How long does it take?

Everyone is different, and has a different pace. The mind understands and learns very fast, but the body is much slower. There is no quick fix: working with deeply rooted habits takes time. Some people feel improvement in their condition after only a few lessons (between 6 and 12), some will need more time.


Students who already had a few lessons can attend the teacher's course as 'bodies', who are being taught by the course participants. The cost of each visit is 20 NIS.


There are many teachers in Jerusalem and in Israel. For more details, call 054-6406673